Certification Courses


Arpita exhibits a fine blend of holistic approach in her training programs. She is adept at working on behavioral changes. Arpita’s innate ability to connect with people and counseling skills has been instrumental in creating an impact on individuals A motivator and inspiration to all, she believes every individual has the potential within to excel. Empowering individuals in leadership skills and emotional intelligence, her areas of expertise include life & soft skills.. Arpita uses expressive arts and Mindfulness as tools for training and coaching.



We first achieve in the mind and then manifest in reality. Potential for greatness exists in all, we just need to expose it to the right environment. Just like diamonds lie deep within the earth’s crust and only after subjected to high pressure, shines forth. We all have a diamond within, given the right direction and efforts, The Diamond Within will shine.

A certificate course on Personality Development , The Diamond Within believes the formula for success is Academics + Personality = Success

Duration :  A 12 week program on personality development

Personality development is moving from an inert and disinterested state of existence to a zealous, motivated and joyous living one. It is the act of celebrating your uniqueness.

TOPICS COVERED: Building Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Awareness & Mindfulness, Inter-personal Skills, Handling Emotions, Goal Setting, Stress-Busters, Grooming & Etiquette, Time Management, Team Building and Building Resilience.