National Conference On Application of Analytics in Business Reengineering (AABR-2020)



In today’s contemporary, competitive and vibrant business world the knowledge of research methods, data analytics, statistical tools and techniques is extremely indispensable. Today, the role of business has moved much beyond in organizations from a transaction-oriented cost center to a value-added business partnership approach. Use of technology generates a huge amount of data about people, process and business in an organization. Business Analytics has become one of the main functional areas in most companies. Analytics has played a critical role in this voyage of business transformation from being just a subsidiary division of a business to being a strong pillar of support behind the success of business enterprise.

Higher educational institutions across the country have introduced Business Analytics as a subject or specialization in their curriculum especially in the area of management and engineering. This conference will introduce the academia to the various Business Analytics tools and techniques and its applications related to fact-based decision making. The emphasis of the conference is also to provide a platform for academics and researchers to interact and share their understanding and application of various analytical software.


To provide a platform for distinguished academicians, practitioners and researchers from around the world by facilitating dissemination of knowledge on business analytics, big data and business intelligence.
To offer an insightful review of tools and techniques related to business analytics and business intelligence among academicians and practitioners. These business applications will help recreate and reengineer business for optimum results.