Retail being the last mile business connect with customers, is always a significant part of any business. With the current challenges facing businesses, e-Commerce has gathered momentum with its multifarious dimensions. Retailing is rapidly going the omnichannel way with the opportunity for customers to use both Physical and Online formats according to their convenience. Christ University in association with Retailvarsity offers learners, a 6-months hybrid Virtual and Campus Contact Professional Program in Retail & e-Commerce Business Management (PPREBM), specially developed with the current industry needs in mind.


The Faculty are the best chosen from the Global and Indian Retail and e-Commerce sectors of the Industry.


Students completing PPREBM successfully will be facilitated with Placement in Retailing organisations/ e-commerce companies.


After the successful completion of PPREBM, the learner would have:

  • Conceptual and operating skills of the Retail & e-Commerce Business
  • Understood the front-end and support functions of Retailing & e-Commerce
  • Learnt every differentiating strategy development
  • Known to design and operate Omnichannel models
  • Become future-ready for engaging effectively in Retailing & e-Commerce
  • Mastered the Art and Science of consumer understanding
  • Become ready to play a leadership role in the challenging Retail and e-Commerce environments
  1. Working Executives aspiring for a career in Retail and e-Commerce
  2. Those who aspire to qualify themselves to enter into the promising functions of Retail and e-Commerce
  3. Students of both Undergraduate and Post-graduate Courses of various Institutions who wish to add a concurrent additional qualification to avail career opportunities in Retail & e-Commerce
  4. Existing and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Programme fee as per the below

Rs. 90,000/- inclusive of all taxes


Time of Payment: All the candidates have to pay the fee immediately after confirmation of the admission.
1 Introduction to Retailing
2 Retail Store Operations
3 Retail Buying and Merchandising Management
4 E-Commerce and Omni Channel Retailing
5 Retail Management Information Systems and Business Analytics
6 Retail Human Resources Management



1 6 Course Modules (100 Hours)
2 Expert Sessions & Webinars by Global and Indian Retail Industry Experts
3 Weekly 5 Hours of Virtual Sessions plus ‘Study From Home’ through convenient and anytime LMS access
4 1 Week Campus Connect Sessions by Industry Experts facilitated by Retailvarsity and Examinations at Christ University, Lavasa
5 Case Study Analysis and Assignment in Retail or e-Commerce Management
6 On-Campus Examination
7 Christ University Certification in association with Retailvarsity



Students have to complete a concurrent Keystone Project in any functional area of Retail or e-Commerce and share the study learning by a Report in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the PPREBM.