Shubhashree Acharya is faculty in the Department of Commerce & Management. She holds a Master?s Degree in Commerce ( Finance) and is pursuing research in the area of Algotrading. Her teaching and research interests are in the disciplines of Finance and Capital Market.

Name Programme Institution/University Year of Passing
PG MCom Bangalore University 2007
Degree BCom Bangalore University 2005
Sl.No. Title Name of Journal / Vol. No. / Issue No. / Page Nos ISSN No. Date of Publication
1 Arbitrary Behavior Of Bitcoin Towards Gold And Crudeoil International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews / 6 / 1 / - 23481269 03-Nov-2018
2 Prognostic Ability of Beta in Predicting Stock Returns in Asymmetrical Stock Market -Indian Context Asian Journal of Research in Banking and Finance / 8 / 2 / - 2249-7323 16-Feb-2018
3 Volatility of Bitcoin and its implications to be a currency International Journal of Engineering Technology Science and Research / 5 / 1 / - 2394-3386 30-Jan-2018
4 A Study on IT Enabled Crowd Sourcing International Journal of trend in Research & Development / Special Issue / Special Issue EIT 16 / - ISSN: 2394-9333 18-Mar-2016
5 Leadership Lessons from the Honeybees- A Multidisciplinary Research Paper Academic Studies National Journal of Jyoti Research Academy / 5 / 1 / - 0975-461X 15-Jun-2011
Sl.No. Title Abstract Objectives Type Sponsors
1 Fall of the Indian Rupee- Is it an orchestration of the Indian Government? India has been able to grab an envious position in the league of G8 countries and so far we have taken calculated moves towards becoming a super power by 2020. But during the onset of financial year 2013, India?s pace started to lose steam. Our country?s economy had to bear the brunt of a slowing industrial activity, political mess and the Indian rupee?s continuous slide. This has again brought the spotlight back on India but this time however it is for the wrong reason. Rupee?s value was sliding so rapidly that it broke all previous records of its lowest values ever. The declining Rupee value has affected all the spheres and strata of our Country. The rupee posted its biggest monthly fall in at least 18 years(1995-2013) This paper identifies some of the factors that generally lead to a depreciation in the exchange rate of a currency- gaping current account deficit, inflationary pressures within the country, tampering of the bank interest rates, high imports to name a few. In India particularly; increasing Current account deficit, slowing down of the manufacturing activity, RBI?s tight leash of monetary policy and the continuous friction with the Fiscal policy acted as spoil sport for the INR value. These are rudimentary concepts which are apparent and likely to depreciate any currency not just Rupee alone. But a deeper probe raises an alarming question- ?Did the Rupee value certainly fall due to typical reasons mentioned above or is currency fall an orchestrated measure by the Government?? India?s hope of austerity may also be one of the reasons that may have prompted the Government to tread this path. Yet another dimension that can be assumed is India?s unflinching focus on increasing exports. Therefore the likely question in this regard will be ?Is India deliberately mounting pressure on importers to discourage imports and indirectly promote exports?? Thus in this paper an attempt has been made to question the apparent reasons for the Rupee?s downslide and al Working Paper Christ University
Sl.No. Name of the Conference /Seminar /Symposium Title of the Article/Role Venue/Place Date
1 -National seminar on contemporary issues, challenges and opportunities in equity Algorithmic Trading-changing the paradigm of stock trading in the Indian Capital market (Presenter) Emerald's Institute Of Management Studies and Bombay Stock Exchange -
2 -The digital World: Emerging Trends in Management, Chemistry , IT and Cultural Studies FINTECH-Ushering in a digital revolution (Presenter) Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous -
3 -2nd International Conference on Advancement in Engineering, Applied Sciences & Management Volatility of Bitcoin and its implications to be a Currency (Presenter) Conference Info in association with Academic science -
4 -Fostering Innovation in Financial Inclusion A Study on the popularity of MUDRA yojana as a scheme for raising funds among NCSBs in Bengaluru (Presenter) MANIPAL UNIVERSITY -
5 -Fostering Innovation in Financial Inclusion (Participant) Manipal University -
6 - Leadership Lessons from Honeybees-A Multidisciplinary Research Paper (Presenter) Christ University -
7 - IT as a catalyst in Crowd Sourcing (Presenter) Christ University -
8 - Crowdsourcing-One more step closer to customer. (Presenter) Christ University -
9 - A study on the penetration of Financial assistance provided by organized sector among small businesses in South Bangalore (Presenter) Christ University -
10 -Seventh National Conference on Emerging Trends in (Participant) Department of Computer science, Christ University -
11 -Two day International conference on Intelligence, (Participant) Pondicherry University -
12 -Taking India to Greater Heights (Participant) Indus Business Academy -
Sl.No. Title Name of the Program Place Date
1 EKTA- Job skills EKTA CHRIST, 08/02/2018
2 E-commerce and Technology-enabled marketing Session on E-commerce and Technology Christ and FSL India, 22/11/2017
3 Presentation and Interview skills and a lecture on Business Environment Personality Development Program Holy Trinity College, 02/10/2015
Sl.No. Title Genre Producer Copyrights
1 CERTIFICATE COURSE IN E-COMMERCE Christ University Christ University
Sl.No. Name of the Research Project Investigator(s) Sponsors Internal/External
Efforts to mitigate drought situation and to improve sustainable water supply sources in Kolar district Shubhashree Acharya & Preeta Dasgupta Government of Karnataka and Christ University External
Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Date
1 30M Training -Google classroom CHRIST(Deemed to be University) Institutional 13/11/2018
2 Seminar on DBIE: RBI's data warehouse RESERVE BANK OF INDIA National 20/07/2018
3 Frontier areas in Commerce and curriculum updation ACADEMIC STAFF COLLEGE 21/05/2018
4 Modular training on ANOVA Centre For Advanced Research and Training Institutional 29/01/2018
5 Design Thinking and Innovation Titan Company Institutional 11/06/2016
6 New Dimensions of Research CU-Academic Staff College Institutional 23/05/2016
7 FDP Deanery of commerce & Management- Christ University Institutional 23/03/2016
8 Paradigms in Research CU academic Staff College 30/09/2015
9 Transition in concepts & practices in commerce and management CU Academic Staff College 14/03/2015
10 SAP 01-End User Course ClockWork Academy Institutional 05/08/2013
11 Restructuring of BCom and BBM Courses of Bangalore University Bangalore University Teachers' Council Of Commerce and Management Regional 22/08/2009
Sl.No. Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
1 CISI examination 1st module of CISI- Introduction to securities & investments (international) CHARETERED INSTITUTE FOR SECURITIES & INVESTMENT December 24th 2014
2 Best paper award Selected as the best paper award in International Conference Pondicherry University March 2016