BSc, MSc

Ms Arpita Ghosh is Diploma in Personality Development & Certified Trainer for Soft Skills. Uses Expressive Arts in all Training modules. A great orator with experience of training in Educational Institutes, Corporate and a life coach to individuals. Counselor with CHRIST(deemed to be University) Lavasa since 2018.

Name Programme Institution/University Year of Passing
PG MSc University of Mumbai 1989
Degree BSc University of Mumbai 1987
Sl.No. Title Name of Journal / Vol. No. / Issue No. / Page Nos ISSN No. Date of Publication
1 Psychological Impact of COVID-19 on Young Adult, Coping Mechanisms Sambhashan / 01 / 04 / - n/a 01-Aug-2020
Sl.No. Title URL Subject Month Year
1 Am I Hiding Behind A Mask? Psychology
2 When The Shadow Is Larger Than Life Psychology
3 What Holds You Back Psychology
4 Effective Parenting Tips Parenting
5 HEAL THE MIND Mental Health Awareness
6 Draw On Inner Strength Personality Development , Self Management
7 The Diamond Within.. Personality Development
8 When I Look In The Mirror... When we look into the mirror we see our reflection. That is our physical appearance. When we look into our mind, we reflect on our thoughts, experiences and gain insights. When I look In The Mirror.. throws light on insights gained during reflection. Personality Development
9 Unmask The Mask Personality Development
10 To Develop Self Awareness Every Moment Self-Awareness
Sl.No. Name of the Conference /Seminar /Symposium Title of the Article/Role Venue/Place Date
1 -Education Exellence Conclave (Panelist) Ekk Updesh -
2 -Youth & Mental Health Virtual Summit, 2020 (Panelist) Zentered Minds -
3 -International Conference on Movements & Other Arts for WellBeing (Participant) CMTAI & St. Mira's College -
Sl.No. Title Name of the Program Place Date
1 Humanity Aligned Goals, Transformed a Better Youth IYDC - Conference International Youth Development Council, 10/10/2021
2 Women EMpowerment - Recognizing the goddess within International Women EMpowerment Summit Youth Union Council of India, 20/08/2021
3 Interesting & Engaging Online Learning Tools Edu-Drone Connect Sunday Learnings Edu-Drone - We Connect, 20/06/2021
4 Understanding Different Aspects of Success BLOOM TALKS Bloom Center for Excellence, 13/06/2021
5 Emotional & Psychological Well Ebing In The Context of COVID 19 PED Talks Webinars Preshitha Education Department, 31/05/2021
6 The CRUX of Success Productivity Enhancement of EMployees Seligence Solutions, 26/03/2021
7 The Power of A Positive Mind Guest Talk S B Patil Institute of Management, 17/12/2020
8 Mental Heath & Well Being Induction for MBA stuents MIT - World Peace University, 13/07/2020
9 Virtual Experiential Workshop Lockdown Se Knowckdown Tak IMS Ghaziabad , 30/05/2020
10 Expert Panelist to address Parents Parenting or Kidding CCPro, iFlame Consultancy, 26/04/2019
Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Date
1 Redefining CLassroom Experience -Emotional & Digital Well-being During Covid Times IQAC, CHRIST College, Pune Institutional 28/06/2021
2 Emerging Trends In English LAnguage & Teaching School of English 28/06/2021
3 Emerging Trends & Challenges In Finance and Management School of Commerce Finance, Accountancy, School of Business & Management 26/06/2021
4 Workplace Happiness Specialist Happitude International 21/06/2021
5 Exploring Fairytales Through Psychodrama Indian Institute of Psychodrama National 29/05/2021
6 Gratitude Course Edu-Drone We Connect National 22/05/2021
7 Consulting Success During Covid Challenges Christ Consulting Institutional 12/05/2021
8 Microsoft TEAMS 30M Training Institutional 21/07/2020
9 Gender Neutral Approach to POSH Act NHRD Network National 06/07/2020
10 Life Coach Certification IBHNLP 01/07/2020
11 NLP COACH IBHNLP 01/07/2020
12 Sleep Hygience & Wellness Workshop Christ Consulting Institutional 27/06/2020
13 Building Resilience ISRA National 10/06/2020
14 Managing Conflict With Ease ISRA National 06/06/2020
15 Communicating Despite Differences ISRA National 16/05/2020
16 Online Teaching Academic Staff College 22/04/2020
17 Research Methodology & IEEE Authroship Lab IEEE, Bangalore & Christ, Lavasa Institutional 13/09/2019
18 Intensive Workshop on Building Excellence in Research & Publications: The New Navigation Christ (Deemed To Be University), Lavasa Institutional 17/05/2019
19 Drama Based Facilitation Theatre Resource National 04/05/2019
20 Training Program On Academic Leadership Centre Of Academic Leadership & Education Management Institutional 02/04/2019
21 HUMAN VALUES AICTE Regional 25/06/2018
22 Revisiting Management Thoughts & Practices Christ University, Bangalore 21/05/2018
Sl.No. Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
1 Certificate of Excellence One on One counseling in Mental Health & Well being Ekk Updesh Education Excellence Conclave 19 June 2021