Placement Policy

The Placement Office facilitates students for their career connect. It also helps students in career planning through various training programs such as studentself-assessment test, mock interviews, mentors’ interventions and employability scores. Placement Office is also organizing, guest lectures and trainings programs for enhancing employability skills such as resume building, group discussion and interview skills. Students must take such trainings seriously and practice those learnings regularly and submit the reports with mentors.

Campus recruitments are organized every year. The selection process generally starts with a pre-placement talk in which a firm/organization gives the students insights into the company profile, job profile, career path, CTC etc. which is followed by the actual selection process i.e., written test, group discussion, interview etc. The Institute has state-of-the-art facilities that make campus recruitment a pleasant experience. Student placement representatives from each class are also present to provide assistance throughout the selection process.

Placement& Internship Process:

  • Invitation to organizations to conduct campus placements drives through Placement Brochure (softcopy / hard copy).
  • Job Description (JD) with all details will be floated on Moodle, Email Groups, & WhatsApp Group.
  • Appointed student placement committee members will open the hiring process for registration with permission of placement office and inform the respective mentor/s.
  • Christ Mentors from the respective domain (Marketing/Finance/HR/Business Analytics/Data Sciences/ Business Economics/Soft Skilled trainer) will conduct a training session asper the JD shared.
  • Student Placement Representativesare empowered to collect the CVs before the deadline and document the hiring process.
  • Pre-placement presentation/talk to students by organization representative.
  • Recruitment process consisting of written test, group discussions and interviews
  • Announcement of selected list.
  • Offer letters / Appointment letters acceptance copy in presence of mentor.
  • Students not interested in placements need to fill the placement opted-out form only after taking concurrence from Mentor.
  • Students joining family business or self-employed need to submit the details in the placement office only after taking concurrence from mentor.
  • Students interested for higher studies need to submit admission offer letters to the placement office only after taking concurrence from mentor.


Information about company placement schedules, job details and compensation packages for final placement will be put up on the Moodle, and shared on Institute email. It is the student’s duty to check the Moodle, email regularly for updates and apply.

Students should prepare well by going through the placement schedule, job description and job locationand apply for the same by filling in details as per the format provided.

It is mandatory for students to dress as per Institute’s Dress Code for formal occasion.

Functions of Placement Office

  • Invite firms/organizations for campus recruitment
  • Coordinate with mentors for students’ preparedness for interviews and employability
  • Coordinate with various departments of Christ (Deemed to be University), Lavasa with regard to placement activities.
  • Delegate work to placement representatives from each class
  • The Placement Office acts as an information Centre for job openings in various government, public, private and start-ups sector organizations

General Instructions for Campus Placements

  • Students studying in final year courses wishing to be considered for programs of the placement services should register in the prescribed format (Placement Application Form) to the Placement Officer/Coordinator.
  • Registered students who are permitted by the Director / HOD only would be allowed for the placement process.
  • Students should carry copies of their CVs and Marks Cards in a folder along with passport size photographs and ID cards for the process.
  • Dress code for the process is formal. Students should be in time for the placement process and latecomers will not be entertained.
  • Leaving in between the process is not encouraged except that a student has the option not to take part in the process after the initial presentation is made by the company/organization.
  • Once a student is selected by an organization, as a rule he/she will not be allowed for further attempts in other organizations. Students are expected not to violate the same.
  • Registered students are expected to stay in touch with their respective class Student Placement Representatives on a regular basis. The Student Placement Representative will in turn report to the Placement Officer.
  • Registered students are also expected to refer to the Placement Office notice boards. Students may also refer to the Christ (Deemed to be University), Lavasa website, Placements and Career Guidance section.
  • Registered students called for campus selection process should make a serious attempt to secure the job offers and should not take the selection process casually. Rejection of pre-placement offer letters by the student is not encouraged.

Once a student has applied for a company, it is mandatory to report on the day of presentation. Not attending the Pre Placement Talk or other on-campus recruitment events after registering for the same will amount to misconduct and students will be suspended from the placement process for a period of 30 (thirty) days or a period as deemed fit by the Placement Office.

However, in the first instance of such misconduct, suspension can be revoked after 30 (thirty) days on the recommendation of the academic mentor or Placement Office with a written undertaking not to repeat the misconduct. If the same misconduct is repeated by the student at any time in the future, the Placement Office may decide to debar the student from the placement process. All decisions of the Placement Office are final and binding in this matter.

Job Offers Through Placement Office

  • Students will be provided a maximum of one (1) offer through on-campus placement, subject to meeting the criteria for the same.
  • Students need to inform the Placement Office by email and in person as soon as the job offer has been accepted.
  • Once a student has accepted an offer and/or joined a company, students will not be permitted to apply for any other company through Institute Placement Office.One-year work commitment with the company ismandatory.
  • Student once facilitated job offer should abide the rules and the regulations of the employer. University has no control on the administrative system and procedures of the employer’s companies. Student once terminated from internship offer or final placement offer is not eligible for campus hiring from the university again.

Students need to apply for and collect a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the University before joining the company and shall clear all pending dues prior to joining. The University may take disciplinary action against students who fail to adhere to this guideline, and may also withhold processing of student’s final degree certificate and transcripts in such circumstances. Students may also be penalised with a fine as deemed appropriate by the Management.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

  • Every student of Christ (Deemed to be University), Lavasa is expected to honour the job offers as provided by companies through the campus recruitment/Placement Office.
  • To withdraw from an accepted job offer damages not only the student’s future professional reputation, but also negatively impacts other students and the Institute’s image. Such actions spoil Christ (Deemed to be University), Lavasa’s relationship with the employer who may decide not to hire from the Institute in the future.
  • The withdrawal of an accepted job offer is a serious breach of the Rules and Regulations laid out by the Institute and is subject to immediate debarring of the student from the placement process.
  • No student is allowed to directly interact with or contact the company’s executives during or after the selection process unless authorized by the Placement Office. Non-compliance will result in debarring of the student from the PlacementProcess for a period of 30 (thirty) days. If the same misconduct is repeated by the student, the Placement Office may decide to debar the student from the Placement Process. All decisions of the Placement Office are final and binding in this matter.
  • Purposefully providing false or inaccurate information in CVs, cover letters, emails or in any other form of communication, including official verbal statements such as interviews is also breach of the Institute’s Rules and Regulations, and may result in debarring from the Placement Process. Any decision regarding the same would be taken by the Placement Office. All decisions of the Placement Office are final and binding in this matter.