Tell me about campus life

Life in the Campus is always exciting and enriching for every student. Living independently and developing the wisdom to use one’s freedom wisely is what a campus environment  provides.

Wake up to the sound of chirping birds. Go for long walks. But let not the beautiful natural surrounding  delay you for classes.

The academic hours are planned in such a way that students have enough time to catch up with assignments and extra-curricular activities.

Sports and cultural activities are a regular feature in the campus.  Football, Badminton, Basket ball and Volley Ball  matches are played between  intra clan teams  or more commonly known as house teams.  Indoor games facility includes Chess, Carom, Table tennis and Snookers.  

Our cultural events provides a platform to showcase your talent  be it singing, dancing or drama. 

Specialization clubs  organize subject related activities which give food for thought and nourishes the brain to think  differently.

In Christ, Lavasa, we have worked towards creating a home away from home.